Rescuing The Data During HP ProLiant Disk Failure

There are a number of reasons why HP RAID system data loss can happen. The problems can range from logical to physical failures or defects. For most of these HP ProLiant disk failure cases, virtual server, file servers and databases can be recovered. HP ProLiant disk failure or defects are the most common cause for data loss. Also, a defect in the RAID controller can also cause a HP ProLiant disk failure. Common error messages include; RAID offline, RAID critical, MISSING, RAID FAILED, ARRAY FAILED, RAID rebuilding, repair failed drive and disabled logical drive. A specialist can recover data from RAID servers. Do not try to recover the data by yourself (especially by opening storage media) as it will only make the specialist’s job a lot more difficult. Do not reboot the server either to prevent any rebuilds, you could…

Things That You Can Do To Get IRS Debt Help

ttycdThere are a lot of things that you can do to avail IRS debt help. First, you can avail a professional help from a certified public accountant or a public lawyer for taxes. These two kinds of individuals are licensed to cater your tax dispute needs so they can be a source of information on what to do with your concern. However, the challenge is to seek the right person for your IRS debt help needs. You have to make sure that the tax professional you are hiring has years of experience and can give you the best actions to settle your tax disputes.

Do not avail their services without doing a proper research and comparison of their credentials. This will help you out in getting the right tax professional at a cost not greater than your capacity to pay. Second, try to seek an advice from your friends or anyone who is familiar with tax disputes. Their opinions can help you a lot in seeking the right tax professional or knowing the best actions that you can take in case you do the process alone. Through this, the IRS debt help is surely worth to take and not another expense to consider.

Choosing The Right Tax Relief Help

Tax debts can be settled through a tax relief help. This can be obtained from an expert professional like lawyer and public accountants, who have studied the laws and regulations of tax debts. If you want to settle what you owe from the IRS, you should be able to get the best tax relief help from any of the tax professionals in your area. Make your research carefully and do not make a decision if you are still not sure with the lawyer or accountant you approach. Take some time in consulting your tax professional so that you will know if he is capable of negotiating your tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

If you do not know how to choose the right tax professional, you can always use the internet. There are several helpful articles online which can be useful for your research. You just have to filter out the best resources for your needs so that you will be sure on what you are doing. Lastly, do not be that individual who always hops from one professional to the other. Once you have chosen where to get tax relief help, do your best to settle it right away through the help of your lawyer or accountant.

Use Specialists From RAID 10 Recovery Team

r10sA team of Computer professionals can easily get together to form a company providing special services with regard to RAID 10 recovery. Of course, they would also be experts in all forms of networking and understanding of the hardware components. In recent times, there have been more companies such as these and are ever ready to help people with Raid 10 recovery. This may involve a few hours of work and a little amount of money. However, when you are frantic with worry over lost data, it will seem like a worthy price to pay.

Lost data becomes even more crucial when it contains information or files that support your company. This is true even if they are not integral to the business. With companies becoming more paper free, computers and the hard drives have become commonplace and the only way to preserve the data is by taking backups regularly. It would help if you scheduled taking backups along with a reminder so that you do not miss it even once. In spite of such caution, you may find that you are in need of the Raid 10 recovery services. Fortunately, for you, there are specialists who can visit your office and recover the data for you. Click here to find out more about this service.

RAID Repair When Raid Controller Fails

RAID repair arrays are used by advanced computer users in server environments to improve speed and the reliability of the subsystem of the disks. Plenty of motherboards are being supplied with RAID enabled chipsets such as NVIDIA, Intel and VIA to allow RAID arrays to gain popularity at the production environments as well as at home. RAID arrays provide certain advantages and even disadvantages. Some of the cons include; the impossibility to continue using the RAID arrays in their original configuration in the event that the original RAID controller fails. This is because in plenty of cases, user files and stored data become inaccessible with the absence of the original or compatible RAID controller.

If there is a failure when the data needs to be used immediately, it is imperative to use a specialized RAID recovery tool to retrieve files from the arrays that are impossible to access and putting those files in one disk. If one uses Disk Internals, it becomes possible for users to recover data and even repair RAID arrays whether the original RAID controller is available or not. The RAID repair tool is able to detect manufacturer, type and the parameters of an array automatically. When there is need for more control, it is possible to assemble the RAID array by dragging and dropping icons that separate hard disks.

How To Pick The Best Anti Snoring Solution?

bassSometimes, when people are desperately trying to find the anti snoring solution, they go for anything they see on television. In reality, there are hundreds of these products, and most of them are useless, so it is better to turn to valuable sources in order to find right solution. For instance, Good Moring Snore Solution reviews give exact information on how to use this product, where to find it, and in what cases it can be helpful.

The nasal dilators should be inserted in nostrils during sleep, and they are very similar to nasal strips. Thanks to them, the snoring vibrations can be reduced, and airway will be wide open. There are also popular types of anti snoring pillows, such as Sandler Pillow that helps the snorer get rid of this problem by sleeping on the sides. The snore balls are very strange invention, because they should be placed on the back, so it prevents the patient sleep on the back, and snore. Nonetheless, they are very uncomfortable; so many people are avoiding them. The mouthpieces are most used devices for snoring prevention. Many people may think they are uncomfortable to wear, but it is easy to get used to them.

Can Good Morning Snore Solution Help?

The most efficient way to find the truth about a product is by reading the reviews. When it comes to anti snoring products, a Good Morning Snore Solution review like this gives a details explanation on every topic connected to this product.

The mouthpiece should be attached to the tongue when the person wants to go to sleep, and the tongue will be positioned so it would not prevent the airflow and cause snoring. The reviews say the product can be used about one year tops, and then it should be replaced. The best thing is that it is not as uncomfortable as other products of this kind, and it does not cause any side effects. Not many mouthpieces are clinically tested, but this one is, so it gives a new hope to the customers. According to the Good Morning Snore Solution review, more than 70% of customers are very satisfied with it, and they will gladly use it again. Nonetheless, although majority of people finally managed to get the goodnight rest, the other 30% did not find a solution in this product. Some conditions require medical help, because this product helps with simple snoring, and not with sleep apnea and other conditions that must be medically treated.

Exposure Therapy As A Panic Attack Treatment

Perhaps, you have already heard about the cognitive behavioral therapy in which the physician focuses on the thinking patterns of the ‘patient’, causes or triggers of the panic attack as well as the frequency it happens. Exposure therapy is different in terms of approach. This panic attack treatment deals the exposure of the patient to the things s/he is afraid of or the anything that causes the panic attack in a controlled and safe environment. This can give the opportunity of how to cope with the causes of psychological problem.

When the ‘patient’ is having the exposure therapy, this panic attack treatment can definitely ‘get tired’ in causing any trouble. It is because the ‘patient’ is overly exposed to that certain trigger. For example, s/he is afraid of snakes or spiders. Constant exposure to the reptile or arthropod can build ‘familiarity’ and therefore results to less and less fearful reaction to them – less hyperventilation, less shaking/trembling, less pounding of the heart and so forth. It can be categorized as a natural way of a panic attack treatment. It is far from the seriousness of the side effects of the intake of dangerous drugs. Hence, there is no fear of withdrawal symptoms and other consequences just to cure panic attacks. How to stop panic attacks

Exposure Therapy For Panic Attack Treatment

Anxiety attacks are unpleasant reason why anyone suffering from this condition is struggling to get a panic attack treatment. A number of the people afflicted try evading the trigger factors. These are situations known to induce stress. As much as such individuals think that it helps they got it all wrong because it makes the fear stronger. This tendency causes inconveniences to one’s life.

Exposure therapy can be quite helpful to those who resort to it for treating the attacks. It involves the victims confronting their fears and trying their best to overcome them. The practice works perfectly to individuals exposed repeatedly to their source of fear. Panic victims tend to master control over the situation as time goes and their anxiety will soon be gone. Exposure therapy has two ways in which it works. It can be either real life confrontation or mere imagination of the situation.

However, exposure therapy can be supplemented with systematic desensitization. This pain attack treatment follows systematic steps in confronting the situation. It helps the sufferers to deal with their fears slowly acquainting them with skills for controlling panic. It has three major parts. These are relaxation, step-by-step planning and settling for one step at a time. The exposure therapy attack treatment is recommended for individuals striving to get grips with their fears.

Details About Panic Attack Treatment

The human life is full of unpredictable events making tension and stress to be the main component. Panic and stress is no longer a new thing with the hassle that people undergo in work and pursuit of money. Medical practitioners especially the counselors are receiving increased cases of clients having this condition. More still, people are looking for ways and means concerning panic attack treatment to be able to cope up with life. Hence, it is important if the people are well equipped with the knowledge pertaining to panic attacks.

Some people still confuse panic attacks with heart attacks. Every individual ought to know the difference so as to be able to manage it properly without treating the wrong condition. Panic attack is actually associated with the human emotions. As much as the symptoms vary in different individuals, the origin of the condition is all the same. The common symptoms of panic attacks include excessive sweating, breathing difficulties and feelings of dizziness. Managing the condition is what is crucial to help the victim avoid more panic due to the varying signs and symptoms.

A panic attack treatment is actually recommended if an individual is displaying any of the above symptoms. You can consult a physician for guidance of drugs to consume relating to the condition. A psychiatrist can also provide therapy that can cure the symptoms. In many cases, the emotional or mental problems tend to affect the physical well being of the individual. Taking care of the body can help you detect the coming signs, look for the available options or visit a health professional for prescriptions.

The Remedy To Panic Attacks

CBT counselors are responsible of taking control of a panic attack treatment. These initials stand for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and it is the most recommended solution to the panic situation. These therapy helps the person to gain more confidence in dealing with the issue as well as handling the panic attack in a better way each and every time. The therapy helps clean out the negative thoughts about a panic attack thus enhancing a quick and effective panic attack treatment. Most of the people suffering from panic attacks tend to avoid the therapies or even ignoring them a fact which is very dangerous towards their well being.

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very effective in panic attack treatment for it brings out the fear from you and helps you in ways that will help you out in being in full control of the panics. He one becomes more comfortable with dealing with the panic attacks they reduce for the right remedy is at hand. You will ne

ver experience the intense levels of the same for the panic attack treatment that has been used is very effective. The know-how is what is very important on very many health related issues not only in the panic attack treatment.

A Panic Attack Treatment Plan

A panic attack can set in at any time regardless of the place and the environment. It can be during driving, at work, at class or even during sleep. What, where and whom to turn to becomes the issue. This calls for a panic attack treatment to prevent the condition from worsening. A clear plan on what to undertake is crucial during cases as such.

The question that everybody keeps asking is; how will you know that the symptoms you are showing are panic attack related? The common signs that a number of the victims have displayed over time include quick racing of the heart, labored breathing, temperature rise and profuse sweating. This is where individuals confuse with a heart attack. Mental instability may result due to the racing of the mind. Having information regarding the attack is enough to prevent you from worsening the situation.

Ensure your mental, physical and emotional well being is at peace if at all you need to control the attack. This is the best method and non-drug way for panic attack treatment. Avoid stress as much as possible and do not overstretch your mind and body during work. During instances that you feel your mind is boiling, talk to a friend or relax the body by meditating. Avoid hard and difficult exercises to give your body a relaxing environment. Keep away all negative thoughts and maintain positive thinking. Everything you think is what your mind will practice and thus the likelihood of inducing stress. Learning to control your state of mind will go a long way in controlling panic attacks.

Why Anti-Wrinkle Creams Are In Demand

You can spot commercials about anti-wrinkle creams on magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet. There is no doubt that these cosmetic skin care products are very popular in many parts of the globe. This is because of the fact that the number of potential consumers of these anti-wrinkle creams is unlimited. People will acquire wrinkles years go by. And they will eventually find a way to get rid of these lines. Many people use anti-wrinkle creams because they know that a younger-looking skin can be beneficial to them. If their skin looks young and healthy, they will acquire more self-confidence. It is essential to understand that the appearance of one´s skin can affect the way that other people perceive them. It can reflect their self-discipline and lifestyle. Anti-wrinkle creams can be made of ingredients that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, repair cellular damage and peel off dead skin cells. Some products are composed of a combination of certain ingredients. There are anti-wrinkle creams that are made of organic substances. These are also in demand because natural substances can suit all skin types. If you want to use an anti-wrinkle cream, you should search for the 10 best wrinkle creams and examine each one of them.

Reasons for Using Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Anti-wrinkle creams are made to help slow down the process of skin wrinkling. There is a strong demand for these sorts of cosmetic skin care products because people will inevitably grow old and acquire wrinkles. Many people want to reduce the lines that make them look older by using anti-wrinkle creams. A younger-looking skin can be beneficial because it can reflect that the person is healthy and disciplined. It can also be a contributing factor to person´s attractiveness. If you are going to think about it, anti-wrinkle creams can help people gain more self-confidence. There are other techniques that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles such as Botox injections, chemical peel and diamond peel. These techniques can give instant results. However, Botox injections, chemical peel, diamond peel and other cosmetic procedures can be costly. Some procedures come with pain particularly those that require injections. Many people prefer to use anti-wrinkle creams because they are more affordable and painless. There are anti-wrinkle creams that are made of natural ingredients. These types of products are preferred by many people because they work for every skin type. If you want to try these, you should search for the 10 best wrinkle creams that are made of organic substances.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Anti-Wrinkle Cream for You

Using an anti-wrinkle cream can be a good investment. You will notice that your wrinkles are less visible in the long run. This type of cosmetic skin care product can also prevent the onset of more lines so you can look younger than your actual age. But it is very important to choose an anti-wrinkle cream that suits your skin type to achieve desirable results. You should not expect that a specific product will give you results that are identical to other consumers. This is because you have different skin types and lifestyle. Your lifestyle can influence the results. If you really want to have a younger-looking skin, you must keep use the right cosmetic skin care product and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Picking an anti-wrinkle cream can be challenging because there tons of choices. Many people tend to purchase cosmetic skin care products that are heavily endorsed or are priced higher. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this. It is advised to read the reviews on the 10 best wrinkle creams out there. These reviews can help you resolve on which product to purchase. But you have to make sure that the active ingredients match your skin type. It is also important to check if the product has been approved by the government body that regulates these types of products and if it is dermatologically-tested.

Understand The Work Of A Good Data Recovery Company

Lots of people face terrible data losses in their companies and organizations but they never understand the true work of data recovery company. This process is still new to people because in the past people did not have any clue about data loss and they just moaned about their loss and moved on.

These days there are lots of data recovery companies in the field and the work of these companies is to make sure that no data loss occurs. There are lots of tools and there are lots of layers of data recovery. Sometimes running software on your system will give you back most of your data but at times software will not do the job.

When software is unable to help a data recovery company can help deal with hard disk failures and limit the amount of time they take. This kind of failure needs lots of skill and experience to get fixed. You should always prefer experience data recovery company to deal with your data issues because experience is always the key. Some people also have this habit of interfering in the work of data recovery company but you should let them do their job.

Hiring The Best

Data recovery has become a very crucial aspect for every company and organization because there are frequent system crashes. These system crashes can result severe damage to a company but thanks to professional recovery companies, damage isn’t as severe. In the past people were very cautious about their data systems and they handle these data systems very carefully. These days data systems have become lot more compact, secure and advanced but still there are things to look after. When these sophisticated data systems crash then it is equally difficult to recover data from these systems.

When you search for best possible data recovery company experience should be your first preference. The firm with the most experience must be given preference because there are unseen scenarios of data loss in every case and you need someone experienced and professional to improvise the solution. A solid recovery company must be equipped with latest and advanced tools to handle advanced problems because most of the companies stick with traditional techniques that no longer work with modern data systems. Price is another issue that companies face because good data recovery companies are expensive as well but if you can get your crucial data back by spending few extra dollars then you should not feel bad about it.

If you are facing a data loss issue then you must hire a professional company. There are different services that modern data recovery companies provide to their clients. These companies are not limited to only data recovery services but there are companies that can install a more secure and advanced data system in your organization. They have professional people that plan and analyze your data needs and then give you a very detailed data plan that meets all of your requirements.

They not only install these data systems but they also take responsibility of these systems. They give you a fixed guarantee and maintenance service of that data system and they take full responsibility of any data loss. This kind of data system is more suitable to big organizations because when you install a data system at your own without consulting a data recovery company it can get very messy when that data system gets corrupted. Companies will charge you lots of fee for recovering your data and it will be very time consuming as well. When you hire a data recovery company to install your data system, they install their familiar system that they can repair and recover easily.

Cheap Data Recovery Prices: Where?

When you go out there looking for someone to do some data recovery for you, you are likely to meet many with different prices. There are those recommended ones that will always make sure that they never overcharge or even undercharge. Data recovery prices can even range from as low as $7.00 to $ 700.00 according to the amount of work or the person doing the work. You can decide to have someone do the recovery for you or you even do it yourself. Doing it yourself will only cost some small amount of money whereby if you have to purchase only a third party application, it can get less affordable for data recovery.

You Data recovery costs will go up if you get someone to do it for you; this is because they might need to have some clean room lab perform this for you, and they will have your drive connected to another computer. Often, the copying of the content in your drive is done and saved in a secure and convenient place. This is work that takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Basically, any company asking less than $ 1000 for the whole job might be termed as unprofessional. According to the average data recovery prices from all of the genuinely operating service labs, this is the lowest that one can be charged for full clean room recovery services.

Data recovery prices charged by most data recovery labs to find and restore deleted or corrupted files can seem so high that many people consider just abandoning the files and buying a new hard disk instead. Before you buy any data recovery solution, you should know that you have other options. If you opt to retrieve a file from a 250GB drive, you may be charged a ridiculous price of $500! Then you’ll be surprised that your drive was just connected to another computer for easy copying. Don’t let this happen to you!

However, the other path to cheap data recovery is to not worry about expensive prices because you can do the job yourself, even in the comfort of your home. You can do this by purchasing a third-party software and then using the software to either retrieve deleted files or recover a file from a corrupted drive. You can also recover the entire contents of the drive if you like, but take note that it will take time. What about the price? Well, cost ranges from $5 up to $250 depending on what the software does.

What is the best choice? When you don’t want to try hard drive recovery solutions yourself, data recovery labs are a way to go. However, do remember the data recovery costs asked for with these labs. Cases such as dismantling the whole drive to recover a file should be done by a professional, and this is where clean room hard disk repair can be very useful. Other than that, data recovery should be cheaper if you do data recovery yourself.

Remember this!

Most often than not, people in a hurry usually save their data files on their computer without looking at what document file name they chose. The worst thing that can happen to busy people using a computer is placing a virus unknowingly inside the computer system. If the personal computer has an internet connection, viruses can easily penetrate the system and eventually corrupt the important files. When this happens, all files cannot be retrieved easily. Therefore, the only way for busy people to retrieve data is to bring it to a computer laboratory for examination and to pay the expensive data recovery prices. They cannot complain about the given price of a clean room, since that is what they are being paid for – their know-how on repairing dead hard drives.

So how do these viruses penetrate the computer? There are different means on how viruses enter the system. For instance, if the user uses the computer at a coffee shop and inserts a USB device in the computer, viruses may easily enter the USB. Then, the user may insert the USB device in the personal computer without scanning it – eventually or immediately the virus will corrupt the data files – important or not. Therefore, the solution is a good hard drive repair expert. Of course, you’ll want to look for cheap data recovery prices. Lots of people complain about the amount of the data recovery prices, but they cannot do anything about it since they are the ones in need of the experts.

Looking For Low Data Recovery Prices

Some companies have opted to offer a flat rate data recovery prices but it depends on the person or vendor who is offering the services. The main reason behind cheap HDD recovery prices is to attract more customers in this very important field. The pricing more often than not depends on the cost of labor, materials to be used, the experience the person has with recovery and the amount of data being recovered.

Many people have the notion that the process has to be expensive but today we have companies doing it excellently at very reasonable fees. Negotiations and pricing details are often negotiated over the phone and when the service providers are given concrete information, they can estimate total recovery costs over the phone. This is quite economical and efficient because you can get to know the reason for the repair charges. Company reviews on the internet can help you get the best data recovery prices in 2012 and the company best placed to handle your data recovery. If the customers are satisfied with the services or if not, the reason behind it is important. This process can prove to be hard, especially if you have no clue of the cheapest pricing available.

Get cheap, affordable data recovery at

Campaign Reform Needs Reforming

So here’s my modest proposal to add to all the current suggestions for campaign reform. Eliminate political ads. Well, not entirely. But from the end of the two parties’ conventions in August through Election Day, there should be no more commercials in the conventional sense–no attack ads; no taped travels in the candidate’s soft-focused, gauze-covered past; no snaps of the candidate getting his war medals 30 years ago; no lovingly crafted scenes of a known hell-raiser rocking on some wooden porch with a flock of someone else’s kids climbing all over him (or her).

In 2000 the boys from Tennessee, Al Gore and Fred Thompson, will be trying to Southern-fry each other to get to the White House. The TV commercial possibilities are terrifying-Uncle Fred sweet-talkie’ his mother, Al hugging Tipper and a tree. We must stop this. After the conventions three years from now, we should allow only TV ads starring the candidates–by themselves or together, or with their VP choices. The candidates could tape their segments, but in similar studio setups (no using the flag factory as a backdrop).

This has several advantages (although none of them good for reporters because it would require us to work harder). First, forced to actually talk on their own, candidates might eventually cut through the boilerplate and address individual issues seriously. If one candidate saw an advantage in raising a controversial matter that would make his competition squirm (“Well, when is my opponent, Mr. Friend of the Elderly, going to take on Social Security?”), the other side would have to answer.

And rather than ending attack ads, such a policy would allow candidates to fine-tune them. No faceless voice would claim that one contender cheated to avoid the draft or that another cheated on his wife 20 years earlier. If such allegations really matter, then candidates should have the guts to make them themselves, on camera. They might see that mouthing those words reveals how petty some of their “character” issues really are and inspire them to stick to real problems.

In addition, all these messages should be televised nationally. The past election saw Clinton and Dole sneaking off to do spot-market ads in which the candidates revised their statements from other whistle stops. Requiring each TV appearance to reach the same national audience would limit the contenders’ ability to be two-faced.

This idea won some favor among politicos and former legislators who heard me present it this spring at a Kennedy School seminar at Harvard University. But a serious question was raised: Will uncharismatic candidates die on the air? The answer is no.

First, charisma is not the sole attribute of leadership. That quality involves believing in a goal, a policy or a message, and being able to deliver it convincingly, so that others will follow. If the candidate is so lackluster that she or he cannot inspire followers, then they deserve to lose. In fact, they probably shouldn’t be running in the first place. Public speaking–”inspiration”–is part of a candidate’s job description. Preachers who can’t preach find themselves tending flock in wheat fields. They don’t grouse that since they’re purer of heart, they should be allowed to mumble at St. John the Divine.

So it is (or should be) with pols. What they say should grab your attention (if not your vote). This is no place for slackers.

Second, since Dole indeed fared poorly face-to-face against Clinton on TV, two factors should be noted. Reporters and Republicans who followed his campaign trail saw very well that Dole was best when he was himself, without packaging. Furthermore, that Dole came off poorly in the debates reflected on his handlers, who practically scared him off the stage, and on his own inability to respond quickly as ideas and words popped out.

That’s the purpose of ending political ads: If politicians have to stand up on their own, frequently, in front of the same audience, they may have to reveal what they really feel.

Former Washington Post star Paul Taylor last year began a crusade for free airtime for candidates, so that they would speak directly to viewers every night, or every other night. Taylor’s point was that the frequency of such appearances (and the probability that at any point, a candidate would be forced to respond either to the previous night’s two-minute drilling by the opponent, or to that day’s news) would compel the candidate to be somewhat honest. (Well, maybe not honest, but at least direct.)

Unfortunately, the free-time concept is about as popular with broadcasters as the proverbial nun at the cat-house. One potential remedy would be to have the federal government reimburse the networks to some extent.

That brings up federal funds for candidates. Only candidates who accepted the rule (no conventional ads from the conventions to Election Day, just candidate spots) would be eligible for federal funds. They would get free airtime in short bursts during prime time or perhaps very heavily discounted prime-time spots (say, 80 percent off regular unit prices). Candidates who did not go along would pay a premium.

And what about ads that highlight one of the candidates’ flaws or previous, uh, missteps? Well, opposition research is pretty thorough. Most of what is known about a candidate has been dug up (if not publicized) well before the acutal nomination. If you don’t have the goods on your opponent by the close of the convention m August, you’re too slow to be in this business.

Again, there is nothing to prevent one candidate from using his time m front of the camera to discuss the other guy’s big secret. But this would be a good test of how the candidates evaluate the importance of some issues, and how they feel past mistakes weigh in forming policies. In other words, if a candidate feels silly talking about his opponent’s pot experiment in 1965, then it’s probably a silly issue to raise near the end of a presidential race. “The accountability of candidates on camera would have a major impact on our electoral politics,” Taylor said m an interview. “But there are some serious constitutional problems with trying to get candidates to abandon slick ads in favor of their own appearances.”

One problem, of course, is how to deal with the two broad groups of political advertisers who front for the candidates. The independent expenditures groups, such as the national political parties, can spend what they went doing conventional ads, as long as they do not coordinate their activities with the candidate. That flimsy prohibition has been little more than a joke in the last two campaigns, both for Republicans and Democrats. In addition, the First Amendment allows any group to buy airtime supporting a candidate if it chooses.

The other problem is the issue-advocacy ads from various organizations (in the last campaign, the two egregious examples were Big Labor and Big Business, which found more loopholes than Chantilly lacemakers). As Taylor has pointed out, the kinks in the various campaign-reform ideas have not been completely ironed out.

President Clinton recently appointed CBS Entertainment president Les Moonves and Washington commentator Norman Ornstein to a new commission reviewing the public-interest obligations of broadcasters and the free-time-for-candidates matter. Sens. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) and Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) have also introduced a campaign-reform bill involving the carrot-stick approach with federal funds. And there’s even a “Stand by Your Ad” bill rattling around the House (it has no chance of becoming law) that would make candidates accountable on the air for ads run on their behalf.

Americans are sick of the political-advertising assault on their airwaves. Ultimately, what American electoral politics needs is an advertising-free period on TV, close to the election, when the candidates must live or die by their own actions. They would still have newspapers and radio for their artistic-advertising outlets. But no voters or viewers should have to endure a solid month of Bob Dole the Veteran and Bill Clinton the Daddy Bear as they did last fall. Give the people the real thing–and save the commercials for detergent.